Cleaver-Brooks Boilers - Instalation and Repair in Indiana

Burgess Mechanical is a distributor in Indiana for Cleaver-Brooks boilers. We offer sales, and repair services.

Cleaver-Brooks CBEX Elite Firetube Boiler

High-efficiency steam and hot water boiler.

Cleaver-Brooks CBEX Premium

Integrated boiler and burner system.

Cleaver-Brooks CBLE

Dryback firetube boiler with a integrated burner.

Cleaver-Brooks 4WI

Includes pressure vessel, integral burner, and controls.

Cleaver-Brooks CBR

Package includes pressure vessel, burner, LevelMaster controls, and advanced combustion technology.

Cleaver-Brooks 4WG

Packaged boiler system includes pressure vessel, ProFire burner, and controls. Fuel-to-steam/water efficiency and low emissions.

Cleaver-Brooks ICB

3-pass or 4-pass firetube boiler with pressure vessel, ProFire burner and controls. Available in wetback or dryback design.

Cleaver-Brooks CBL

3- or 4-pass wetback steam or hot water boiler system. Includes pressure vessel, LevelMaster control, modulating feedwater control, and ProFire burner. 

Cleaver-Brooks CB

Small capacity firetube boiler with pressure vessel, integral burner, and controls. Easy maintenance and low emissions.

Cleaver-Brooks Ohio Special

Designed to meet State of Ohio regulations.