H. B. Smith Boilers in Indiana

Burgess Mechanical sells, installs and repairs H.B. Smith cast-iron boilers in Indianapolis, IN.

HB Smith Boilers

Smith cast iron boilers are the boiler of choice in institutions such as schools, universities, post offices, military bases, government buildings as well as churches, apartment buildings where reliability, operating efficiency and longevity are essential. Smith commercial boilers are available "factory packaged" ready for start-up or "knocked down" for field assembly. When shipped "knocked down", all the cast iron sections and boiler components fit through a standard doorway making it ideal for renovation and retrofit applications. Smith offers the widest range of commercial cast iron boilers in North America. Boilers are available for hot water and steam heating systems fired with oil, gas or both throughout our entire product range.

Commercial Models:

Atmospheric-vented, gas-fired

  • GB300: 17 sizes from 400 to 2,000 MBH
  • 19A: 10 sizes from 300 to 1,710 MBH
  • 28A: 15 sizes from 900 to 4,630 MBH
  • 28HE: 15 sizes from 930 to 4,620 MBH
  • 3500A: 9 sizes from 1,160 to 3,660 MBH
  • 4500A: 13 sizes from 3,080 to 13,970 MBH
  • 6500A: 11 sizes from 7,190 to 13,970 MBH

For more product information, visit http://www.smithboiler.com/