Peerless Boiler Sales and Repair in Indiana

Burgess Mechanical sells, installs and repairs Peerless boilers.

Peerless PureFire Commercial boilers

Gas-fired condensing boilers available for natural or LP gas systems.

Peerless PureFire PFW

Large volume hot water supply boiler.

Cast 92-4

A cast iron, gas-fired condensing boiler with direct spark ignition. It can be used with natural or LP gas. No parts are required to convert the boiler from natural to LP gas.

Peerless 64

An atmospheric, gas-fired boiler for hot water or steam systems.

Peerless GM

Cast iron, natural gas hot water boiler for use in commercial buildings or large residences. Can be used with a conventional chimney.

Peerless 211A

This cast iron LP or natural gas-fired commercial boiler offer a low boiler profile to allow installation in areas with low head room

Peerless SC/SCT

Cast iron oil, gas or gas/oil-fired

Peerless TCII

Gas, oil or combo gas/oil-fired, cast iron boiler for large commercial hot water and steam applications. Available in 15 sizes.

Peerless LC/LCE

Cast iron oil, gas or gas/oil-fired

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